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May 23, 2018

Timber Wolf and Coneflowers

As is so often the case, I cover one painting over with another, neither better or worse … just different.  As an artist who has been painting for a good part of my life of almost 70 years, art has always been a form of experimentation and an exploration of the world and our environment, a search to understand what is seen and sometimes unseen.  The material form of that experiment has never seemed that important once the search has ended and the painting completed; and so’ I have always agreed with the da Vinci on the matter of science in art and art in science.  It all seems related.  He said:

“To develop a complete mind: Study the science of art; Study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

In my study of the north country of Minnesota and the threat to our wilderness, it was natural that I should want to paint a timber wolf.  Having only seen a wolf in captivity and in photographs of others I felt the need to make one of my own that captured the feelings I have for this endangered species.

I painted one that seemed a bit unrealistic to me and after finishing Timber Wolf and Coneflowers , I decided to paint over it to make my most recent portrait of a Minnesota Timber Wolf.  Forgotten and yet not lost because I had made a digital copy of the first version, I still regret that I had not just started another painting on a separate board.  As I look at these two now, they are both so different in mood and message.  What is better, what is worse?  The journey is better for both to enable us to be better prepared for our next painting, our next chapter.

It’s is only recently that I have begun to realize when to quit one painting and move on to another.  It’s a lesson that we could all learn well in life.

December 23, 2014

Good news for the wolf …


… as U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell determines that delisting the wolf was a flawed decision; and has banned further hunting. An additional two hundred and seventy two wolves were killed this season in Minnesota alone, adding to the total lost since 2012 … and so, this decision is a welcome one.

In the week of the winter solstice, as the wolves prepare their dens and will soon be raising young, may you all have a peace-filled holiday season!