What Color Love?


Was the sky a marble white that day,
In mists that cooled the morning?
Did cerulean blue peek through the veil
Of clouds with subtle promise?

golden grass off highway one in st louis county, mn

Was love the touch of crimson light,
Warm blue azure skies?
Or was it willed in sun’s gold rays,
Or flaxen blooms of prairie days?

mountain / lake / photo

Was love the hue of mountain pools,
Or rush of spring fed fountains;
In tides of turquoise summer seas,
Or blush of meadow lupines?

forest path / Keweenaw / porcupine mountains / photo

Did love embolden the morning dew
On forest paths of emerald hue?
Was it the green of budding oak,
Of Norway Spruce or meadow rue?

Chequamegon Sunrise / photo

What color love, through veils of white,
Felled my heart at dawning,
Warmed the deep blue azure skies
In bird song, choral morning?

©2015 Anita Suzanne Tillemans

Wilderness Tourism versus Mining in the Arrowhead

Bear Head Lake, MN
Bear Head Lake, MN

One of the most beautiful wild areas in the world, with some of the last remaining original wolves … the source of three of the greatest river systems in North America.  This is a portion of the treasure that Minnesota holds in its boundaries.

What will remain if we choose mining over this?


Space for a tree and time for a walk …

The difference in temperature and quality of air was noticeable standing in a grove of trees after walking under a relentless sun.  It was a beautiful walk in a prairie and the wildflowers, after months of heavy rainfall were thriving and in full color … the blackeyed susans, vervain, flowering grasses, crown vetch, bergamot … so vibrant. The sun felt good but only for a time and then it sapped the energy.

Walking up a path into a hillside filled with old white oak trees, the air changed and the temperature dropped.  Like an oasis, it revived the spirit and gave pause for reflection.  We walked down the grassy path under these trees and laughed, understanding our time is short … those times when there is time to take time.

Through the trees the blue and green of a water lily covered pond was visible; and this is where I took this picture.

Water Lilies