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November 17, 2018

Duluth Harbor 1972

March 26, 2016

Pillsbury’s Best

One of the historic old buildings in what was the flour district in Minneapolis on the Mississippi River …


Beside a water tower located in St Anthony Main

Beside a water tower located in St Anthony Main

March 20, 2016

Will a copper mine in Babbitt reach the dimensions of the Hull Rust Mine?

While the MDNR (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources) has approved the NorthMet Copper Mine Project’s environmental impact study in the St Louis County of northern Minnesota at the headwaters of the St Lawrence Seaway and Lake Superior , we wait for permits and the final RODs (record of decisions) from the National Forest Service and the Army Corps of Engineers. 

The project depends on the National Forest Service’s approval of a land exchange … trading public, “protected” lands for private lands so that Polymet can mine.

If Polymet cannot make good on their financial promises for this project (and these are many), then the taxpayers of Minnesota will foot the bill for clean up (a clean up, in all probability, that will go into an unforeseeable future.  Future generations will inevitably suffer the consequences.

For the sake of our waters,


March 3, 2016

In the wake of our waters …

The DNR has decided that a copper mine will be suitable for northern Minnesota in its ROD (record of decision) for the NorthMet Project by approving the NorthMet Project’s FEIS. Two other agencies, the Forest Service and Army Corps of Engineers decisions will be upcoming.

For more information on this monumental decision, one that will eventually affect waters in the BWCA, the Rainy River watershed as well as the St Louis watershed, into the Great Lakes, as a consequence of hundreds and possibly thousands of years of runoff from copper sulfide mining:

For more information concerning this proposal, on this site:

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October 18, 2015

Fall in Wisconsin


August 17, 2015

Edina’s Namesake

A mill was built in 1857 at the spot where Minnehaha creek now crosses 50th to take advantage of the turbulence of its waters at the time.  Called Waterville Mill, it was eventually bought by a Scot, Andrew Craik, in 1869 and renamed Edina Mills after his hometown of Edinburgh.


Edina’s namesake then is this mill, which provided flour during the civil war to the Fort Snelling Reserve. At the time Edina Mills was operating 24 hours a day to supply the Union Army.

Passing through many owners over time, it fell into disuse in the 1890’s particularly once the Gray’s Bay damn was built at the creek’s headwaters in Minnetonka.

Though the building no longer remains,  nor is the creek a source of power that it once was, posts mark the spot where it stood those many years serving as a foundation for the community of Edina.

June 15, 2015

Elimination of the MPCA Citizen’s Board, MN and an arrangement to facilitate pollution of our water ….

One of the best articles explaining the benefits to mining from our Minnesota Special Session in 2015 can be read at:

No bias here… just statements concerning the relief expected for the mining industry in the iron range through elimination of the MPCA’S citizen’s board  and an arrangement that will exempt waste from copper nickel mining from solid waste rules.  What better declaration as to the benefits of this board and the protection it has already given to the people who live here?

An essential part of good environmental practice, this board is a protective agency that deals with decisions on pollution of water, air and land resources affecting the entire state.  Since the purpose of this organization is to allow maximum benefit and protection to the welfare of the people in Minnesota, and, since the health of our land, water and air benefits us all, including those on the iron range, a fully functioning board is far from hostile to the citizens of this state.  It should be considered an intelligent part of a program to transition from practices that pollute our base and destroy vital resources.

A link to the MPCA Citizen’s Board page:

January 16, 2015

Lowry Nature Center 2014

Lowry Nature Center