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April 14, 2012

Ecological Studies of Wolves on Isle Royale

Once again, experience proves  that our direction concerning wild life management needs careful assessment, not only for the health of all wild species of animals, but for those like ourselves that rely upon diversity like the wolf.  As Native American legend tells it: where our brother the wolf goes, man will soon follow.  Consideration of this possibility, not from fear, but from sound observation and experience is essential.

The annual report from 2011-12 on  Isle Royale wolves and moose has found the lowest documented population of wolves since 1950 when numbers were first assessed, raising concerns about the future of wolves on the island.  Please look for the paper “Managing wolves on Isle Royale: What should be done if an icon of wilderness culture dies out?” written by researchers Rolf Peterson, John Vucetich and Michael P. Nelson to be published in The George Wright Forum this month.

I am including links below for information on the referenced article among others that may be of interest.