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November 28, 2016

Equal Rights Means Equity in Education

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Policy Brief from the OECD 2008
March 21, 2014



With Spring at hand I wonder:

Why does the human race seem hell bent on its own destruction?

All of us are part of the equation, all life has its “good” and its “bad” relatively speaking.  No one wants to die … too soon.  So why do we rush headlong into the abyss?

Are there solutions, feasible and long term, to overpopulation other than war and destruction?

All of us want a place, a time, a little bit of happiness.  All of us need to be loved, to be appreciated and be able to show our love and appreciation.  None of this is new or surprising.  So true, almost cliche.

Every child needs to know when it comes into this world that it is part of the fabric of life, part of the “family”.  How many feel this?  Is it because we have too few resources and time to provide this kind of quality attention?  The more that one feels the responsibility and the necessity of honoring every life, maybe we would find the answer.