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April 16, 2016

Process for permitting the NorthMet Project in Northern Minnesota has begun … what you need to know

The permitting process and review for the NorthMet Project will begin shortly after informational meetings.  To be added to the email list for updates:

The next meeting given by the DNR on this matter has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 19, 2016 in Aurora at the Mesabi East High School from 6pm to 8:30pm.

If you can, please get involved. For love of our wilderness.


July 20, 2015

Will we through our mining practices continue to degrade our most precious resource … water?

Loon on a lake in the Arrowhead

The following photos were taken in parts of northern Minnesota, some in the UP of Michigan, Colorado Rockies, Alberta, Canada, and on a beach of the Pacific ocean off the Olympic National Forest … all areas where protection of our environment has taken a back seat to lumbering, mining for ore, frack sand, and/or fracking and drilling for oil and gas.  These lands are threatened through practices that pollute and usually drain (mine) our aquifers of good drinking water.

October 6, 2014

no place for mining …

Loon on a lake in the Arrowhead

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