For want of Spring …

Wind blowing ‘round my ears 

Cold knocking at my door

Old man winter in a vengeful mood 

Burns alike for rich and poor

Snow in every bank and crevice 

Air thick with crystal ice 

Snow melt from eves and gutters 

In glist’ning stalactites

The winter lord, even so, 

Cannot stop the dreams of spring, 

Nor the golden light of June, 

Nor the soul to sing


Dare We?

Dare we stand to speak the truth

In a world oppressed with fear?

Dare we fight, expose the lies,

And stand for those who do?

Dare we, fearless, foster beauty?

In kindness stand for truth?


two wolves howling mixed media

Two Howling mixed media painting

© 2015

The Warning (In the Groves of El Dorado)


A shaft of light beamed down

Through sheets of tropical rain

Glowed in outstretched palms

Fraught with lingering pain.


As rains fell in a fury

Like tears in a flood of rage

The elder stood sore and weary

At the sight of what he surveyed.


Deluged by memories of Eden

Lost in the endless brigade

To cull the jungle for profit

As if a penny arcade,


Where rainbow colored tears

From one armed bandits stray

Oil streaming from virgin lands

Beauty, blessed, betrayed.


Vanished in the slaughter

Countless bounties to be mourned;

The groves of El Dorado

Now dying and forlorn.


Standing in solemn reverence

As rains came to a halt,

He held his gaze ahead

In the steam of this jungle vault.


Witnessing, at dusk, a warning,

As ghostly remnants remained,

Poised in silent testament

Where giants of Earth once reigned



A Kind and Curious Man

I knew a man who would not lie.

He would not say a thing untrue

And if one swayed him to reply

In words he did not choose,

He would not say a thing untrue.


As his life unfolded

And his kindness grew,

He spoke in words of gentleness

Speaking only what he knew,

What he knew to be the truth.


Words will come, and words will go,

And rarely be remembered

But in due and honest diligence,

In kindness, and in truth,

In time, his legend grew. 


The legend of a man

A kind and curious man

A man who would not lie,

Who would not say 

A thing untrue.