In the land of sky blue waters … Enbridge is building a massive oil pipeline into the Mississippi river bed and watershed. Your waters.

Efforts to protect water for generations is ongoing while the mantra of the despoiler is, always is, the creation of jobs.  Jobs that destroy the lands and water, making it unfit for anything else but more of the same.  What kind of lands and waters will be left for a sustainable life, one with wild rice and animal life of all species.

Enbridge guarantees 4000 jobs, but these are jobs that make for a boom and bust economy.  Jobs to those willing to travel from all over the country, away from home and family to make money for the oil business in a pandemic … at a time when the demand for oil is waning.  The pipeline will remain even when it has long been relegated to the dust of time, leaking and poisoning all the land and water surrounding it including the mighty Mississippi.  How many will benefit from this and how many jobs will remain then?

More news surrounding this new Pipeline #3 being installed by the Enbridge corporation in the deep north of Minnesota and the Arrowhead:

Line 3 construction barrels ahead, despite efforts to block it | MPR News