Cradle (On the Loss of a Loved One)

scarlet oak leaves

The wind with icy fingers 

Lifting branches overhead


Moon so bright, cold wintry night,

Shadows on my bed


Chimes ring 

To the wind’s song,


As rustling oak leaves sound

Like shuffling feet in a slow dance


As nature’s sighs 



Suspended I hear the wind blow,

Lost in the cradle of that song


As morning dawns 

On the breath of a sigh


So sweet 

And so long


While candlelight, like starlight,

Reflects off my windowpane


Thoughts and dreams, wondering wearily,

Will not prevail again


To pierce the heart and tune the mind

To believe as youth once would


But forbear with wisdom won in pain

From love lost and understood.




The Coin

Veteran on the shore

In waning light of dusk

And unrelenting tide

I saw a sparkling coin

Tossed from side to side.


Embraced within the frosty foam

It glittered with delight

As though in endless struggle there

Found its golden light.


Through countless trials, though weary,

Will we wake each day,

With open minds and clearly,

Grow in loving ways?


Knowing that in giving,

We forestall the cold of night

And take joy in the living,

Thriving in the light.