How the actions of one man in the Senate through Filibuster endangers our Democracy and thwarts the will of the people.

Many legislative leaders are doing their best to uphold the public will by serving and submitting bills to make life better for their constituents.  Facts show that thousands of bills have been introduced by the House alone, many passed and sent to the Senate for a vote.

In contrast, Mitch McConnell has vowed to make the Senate a “legislative graveyard”; at which he seems to be quite successful.  Do we have a democracy when one man can filibuster in the Senate to prevent a vote on needed legislation?

The Senate was a gift given to the southern states so that, even in the minority, they could hold a more equitable position over the majority of states.  This was a compromise that proved to be problematic and is proving so even now.  In essence, it was used to gain the support of the southern states for the constitution and it’s declaration of independence from tyranny. Even now, we see how this power over the majority effects our democracy as Mitch McConnell demonstrates quite blatantly.

An interesting article at on some rules and procedures that make senate leaders so powerful:


Legislation passed in the House and awaiting a vote in the Senate:{%22congress%22:[%22116%22,%22115%22],%22source%22:%22legislation%22,%22search%22:%22received+in+the+Senate%22,%22chamber%22:%22House%22,%22party%22:%22Democratic%22,%22bill-status%22:[%22passed-one%22,%22floor%22]}&pageSort=documentNumber%3Adesc


The Filibuster:

All Congressional Bills submitted from 1993 to 2020:

A breakdown of the 10,277 bills currently before Congress:


Just a few of the bills on which Mitch McConnell will not allow a vote:

  • H.R. 1 – For The People Act – Sent to the Senate 239 days ago.
  • H.R. 8 – Bipartisan Background Checks Act – Sent to the Senate 248 days ago.
  • H.R. 7 – Paycheck Fairness Act – Sent to the Senate 220 days ago.
  • H.R. 1585 – VAWA Reauthorization Act – Sent to the Senate 212 days ago.
  • H.R. 9 – Climate Action Now Act – Sent to the Senate 184 days ago.
  • H.R. 5 – Equality Act – Sent to the Senate 169 days ago.
  • H.R. 6 – Dream and Promise Act – Sent to the Senate 151 days ago.
  • H.R. 582 – Raise the Wage Act – Sent to the Senate 107 days ago.


Legislation introduced (6,528) by the House in 2019-2020:{%22congress%22:%22116%22,%22source%22:%22legislation%22,%22search%22:%22congressId:116+AND+billStatus:\%22Introduced\%22%22,%22party%22:%22all%22,%22chamber%22:%22House%22}


Legislation passed (606) by the House in 2019-2020:


Congressional Calendars: