How long will the St Croix River remain wild?


The St Croix River joins the Mississippi at Prescott, Wisconsin.  Its source is Upper St Croix Lake near Solon Springs, Wisconsin. Significant portions of this river were given protection under The National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act along with seven other rivers and designated as a National Scenic Riverway in 1968.  It is now under threat of development.

By amending the 1968 Scenic Rivers Act, a new bridge was approved to replace the 85 year old lift bridge in Stillwater to connect Minnesota and Wisconsin at Hwy 36 near Oak Park Heights.  This,  in spite of protests from thousands, including the NPS and conservation groups like the Sierra Club.

This  four lane bridge will replace the two lane lift bridge for the majority of through traffic; and will naturally transport larger numbers of people over the St Croix River.  It will also, as a result, increase development along the river and change it forever … slated to open in 2017.