Anita S. TILLEMANS, Relator, v. PIERCE COMPANY OF MINNEAPOLIS, INC., and Mutual Insurance Corporation, n/k/a APCapitol, Respondents

In 1787 Benjamin Franklin spoke to the issue of justice in his oration, “Dangers of a Salaried Bureaucracy”:

“… there are two passions which have a powerful influence in the affairs of men.  These are ambition and avarice – the love of power and the love of money.”

“… what kind are the men that will strive for this preeminence …?  It will not be the wise and moderate, the lovers of peace and good order, the men fittest for the trust.  It will be the bold and the violent, the men of strong passions and indefatigable activity in their selfish pursuits.  These will thrust themselves into your government and be your rulers.”

“This catastrophe, I think, may be long delayed, if in our proposed system we do not sow the seeds of contention, faction, and tumult, by making our posts of honor places of profit.”

The Minnesota Court of Appeals decision on the above case with my comments is included here.

My essay, A Case for Justice, on the matter here.


Author: Anita Suzanne Dedman-Tillemans

For love of wilderness.