A Man of His Word

No matter what happens at the Democratic Convention, Senator Bernie Sanders’ run for the Presidency has deepened our awareness of politics in the United States of America.  We’ve seen biases in the media, state primaries, the falsification of our democratic process by allowing super delegates and corporate money into the process giving unfair advantage and influence, allowing multiple votes for officials and corporations. Bernie’s  campaign has been an example of what we need, men and women of their word who work for their electorate and do not take money from lobbyists and corporate interests.

By all that is intelligent and rational, politics as usual needs to change, because bribery by any other name is still bribery and should be illegal.  Campaign finance reform and laws concerning lobbyists need to be implemented to get money out of politics.  Our public airwaves belong to the public, not to corporations.  Elections need paper ballots that can be counted and validated, not touch screens and corruptible systems …. there is so much work to do.

We are still in the process of selecting the Democratic candidate for President of these United States and th Democratic Convention will begin next week on July 25, 2016 in Philadelphia, PA.  The 2016 Party Platform has been posted online and our work has only just begun … This document is ready for public input and submitted by the 437 DNC members who are also superdelegates.

There are 719 superdelegates in all, and since it serves a democracy to have an open and a fair election process, I have made a sort of this  in alphabetical order with last name first sorted according to preference:

Hillary Clinton, OMalley, Bernie Sanders and Uncommitted

Email contact when available to me during this sort has been given.  Let your preferences be known with respect, the only way to make a positive change.

For the sake of our democracy.