Please send your comments concerning the TPP … ASAP. Due tomorrow January 13, 2016!

After years of corporate discussion that left the public, the taxpaying citizen, in the dark concerning this so-called “trade agreement”, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, we are now given two weeks, after Christmas and in the New Year holiday season to comment.  The deadline approaches, tomorrow January 13, 2013. Tasked to read over 5,000 pages and comment, it is no small wonder if few of us understand the full implication of this corporate agreement.

The poor slobs who will have to pay for corporate run of our countries, our environment, our jobs and our welfare will have very little to say if our Congress goes along with this lopsided corporate business agreement.  We will be forfeiting our sovereignty, public discussion and agreement to business and forced arbitration.

Please submit your comments at the link below in .doc or pdf format with the title “TPP Employment Impact Review” on the first page.!documentDetail;D=USTR_FRDOC_0001-0366

Let your congress men and women know that the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership does not fly with the citizens of this nation; and that we did not have adequate say in the development of this legally binding document.

There is an excellent article at the Huffington Post:

Your input is so important to the future sovereignty and welfare of this nation.