The Church at the top of the steps …

Our_Lady_of_LourdesThis building in St Anthony Main, now occupied by Our Lady of Lourdes, was built between 1854-1857, of native limestone in a Grecian style.  Purchased by the French Canadian Catholic community in 1877, which it has since served continuously for over 135 years, a bell tower, sacristy and vestibule steps were added … these along with a one-ton bell in 1881.  Stained glass windows were added in pairs in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s.

Designated as a United States historic landmark in 1934, many renovations and additions have taken place since the threat of closure by the Church in 1968.  Input by the Minneapolis City Council to keep the church open proved successful in regard to this  bit of history … near the spot where, in 1680, Father Louis Hennepin first sighted and named the Falls of St. Anthony.

As we move into this brave new world, perhaps we could take a little more care to preserve all histories, including those of the native peoples of this land.