Edina’s Namesake

A mill was built in 1857 at the spot where Minnehaha creek now crosses 50th to take advantage of the turbulence of its waters at the time.  Called Waterville Mill, it was eventually bought by a Scot, Andrew Craik, in 1869 and renamed Edina Mills after his hometown of Edinburgh.


Edina’s namesake then is this mill, which provided flour during the civil war to the Fort Snelling Reserve. At the time Edina Mills was operating 24 hours a day to supply the Union Army.

Passing through many owners over time, it fell into disuse in the 1890’s particularly once the Gray’s Bay damn was built at the creek’s headwaters in Minnetonka.

Though the building no longer remains,  nor is the creek a source of power that it once was, posts mark the spot where it stood those many years serving as a foundation for the community of Edina.