Elimination of the MPCA Citizen’s Board, MN and an arrangement to facilitate pollution of our water ….

One of the best articles explaining the benefits to mining from our Minnesota Special Session in 2015 can be read at:


No bias here… just statements concerning the relief expected for the mining industry in the iron range through elimination of the MPCA’S citizen’s board  and an arrangement that will exempt waste from copper nickel mining from solid waste rules.  What better declaration as to the benefits of this board and the protection it has already given to the people who live here?

An essential part of good environmental practice, this board is a protective agency that deals with decisions on pollution of water, air and land resources affecting the entire state.  Since the purpose of this organization is to allow maximum benefit and protection to the welfare of the people in Minnesota, and, since the health of our land, water and air benefits us all, including those on the iron range, a fully functioning board is far from hostile to the citizens of this state.  It should be considered an intelligent part of a program to transition from practices that pollute our base and destroy vital resources.

A link to the MPCA Citizen’s Board page: