What will the Trans-Pacific Partnership do for artists?

It’s been a long time since I started painting and writing, now over 65 years. It has been and always will be a love. I do it for the love of beauty, for the things that I feel need expression, and as I told someone recently … beauty is not always pretty. You see it in the courage of someone whose trials are heavy and whose courage is strong in the face of all trials… you see it in people who continue to find kindness in their hearts when life has not been too kind to them.

This is why I find the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement so adverse to everything I hold dear. It stifles individual creativity to back corporate profits and corporate taking. It allows only those with power to dictate to the rest of us and tramples this creative force.

Copyright was an idea brought into the play and supported by business, by those who profit from the works of others. Artists and writers have naturally shared their work through the centuries … it is for love that most works exist and it is only love that will endure without manipulation and without contrived vehicles like copyright laws.

In a society where all of us benefit from these resources, artists and writers would be supported to do their work for the good of all. How many stories would have been lost, how much traditional music would have never been heard and shared, built upon … if creative work was done for profit?

Mine is only an opinion; but I believe that art is a gift to be shared. In a society with elevated priorities, it would be appreciated for its true value … and that is not the money it might make.