No Place for a Mine


The Watershed of the St Louis River, headwaters at Seven Beaver Lake in St Louis County east of Babbitt in the Arrowhead of Minnesota on the “Big Stoney” and extreme headwaters of the St Lawrence River is a major source of the greatest freshwater reserves in the world, the Great Lakes. Lake Superior which grew from Lake Duluth into what it is today has been fed for thousands of years by the St Louis River. In addition, the great Mississippi River and the Rainy River have also been fed by groundwater from this region, that of the Arrowhead in Minnesota. The full extent of what lies under and within the massive billion year stone aquifers of St Louis and Cook counties in northeastern Minnesota has yet to be determined. We would be remiss to establish a copper mine in and around this area or continue with any destructive practices that might pollute our most precious resource.

The decision on whether to allow copper mining in St Louis County at the headwaters of the St Louis River has been placed in the hands of the MDNR Division of Ecological and Water Resources, Environmental Review Unit, 500 Lafayette Road, Box 25, St. Paul, MN 55155-4025. Their final Environmental Impact Statement will be given for public comment after review of over 40,000 comments made on the last environmental assessment (SDEIS) in 2014.

I believe that the St Louis watershed is as important for the health of our planet as Bristol Bay and the salmon spawning and fishing grounds are in Alaska … both priceless reserves of water and wildlife, which we cannot allow to be polluted at any price. Please support the EPA in their attempts to regulate the mining industry and prevent the destruction of the wilderness, and these invaluable water resources. Watch for the final determinations by the EPA on Bristol Bay, and the FEIS from the MDNR of Ecological Resources Environmental Unit in Minnesota.

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