on the subject of Mike Brown …

We should all be concerned about the killing of an unarmed man, Mike Brown, by the officer, Darren Wilson, sworn to “protect and defend”.  We should also wonder about the time factor involved in taking eye witness accounts and photos. Undisputed facts have not changed.

  • There were no photos of the officer at the scene of the crime by official investigators. In fact, Darren Wilson left the scene of the crime, while Mike Brown’s body lay on the street.
  • There were no photos of the police officer’s car on the street, at the crime scene, at the time. This should have been done immediately in the time that Mike Brown lay unattended by paramedics in the street.
  • Darren Wilson did not make a police report, which should have been a number one priority.
  • There were no police videos of eye witness accounts at the scene of the crime or immediately after the killing. Time distorts and memories fail.
  • Reports from coroners show that a bullet entered the top of Mike Brown’s head, the bullet that killed him, after 12 shots. Why was it necessary to put a bullet through the top of his head?
  • Why 12 shots? Could some other innocent have been killed by this officer’s rage or fear? He claims fear, though he was armed and a very large man as well … with a gun.
  • Mike Brown was unarmed.
  • An angry face does not, in my view, warrant a killing. Why was Darren Wilson unable to disable Mike Brown (if he was charging, which is still disputed) instead of killing him? A shot to his foot, maybe?
  • Do we know the full history of this officer? Where was he trained and how much experience?
  • Why do eyewitness accounts at the time and of those closest, who said that Mike Brown was holding his hands up when he turned around to face the officer, to tell him that he did not have a gun … why do these accounts hold so little sway?

There are so many questions. Darren Wilson, at the very least, is an officer that did not discharge his duty as a public servant to “protect and defend” anyone but himself. He used excessive force with a teenager that had not been guilty of any crime who was simply walking in the street going home. The young black man, on his way to college this fall, did not deserve to die for being angry either.