Sands so soft and salty air
Breezes to cool the brazen day,
So slow, so sure, to see, to dare
My thoughts, surrendered, drift away
Over surf and rocky shore
To turn and paint the shades of dawn,
Where winds brush treetops in the day,
That bend and sway the morning long.
Gulls on wings of winds arise
Above the sandy summer shore
To soar into the balmy sky
With plaintive cries for more.
When tossed and thrown in battle fray
Our weary ship regains its moor,
The breezes bring our thoughts to days
When waves played softly on the shore;
And turns our heads from all despair,
As we in warmer days divined
Love’s promise, winged in sheer delight,
To dance upon the sands sublime!
Anita Suzanne Tillemans 2010/rev 2014