In reverie, I remember

Water’s golden light,

Lit like stars at midday,

Or by moon in deepest night,

Dark green, with streaks of blue,

Silken streaming strands,

Waves crashing through,

On shores of ancient sands.

Salty turquoise seas,

Deep in days begun,

Reflecting heaven’s hues,

Mirroring the sun;

And when the skies cloud grey,

Bringing summer rains,

With water on the rooftops

Snaking down the windowpanes,

Singing in pools and gardens,

On cars and in the streets,

Glazing steel and sidewalks,

Rippling shadows on the sheets,

In reverie, I remember

Water running wild, white,

Or in silken threads streaming,

Strands of golden light.

Anita Suzanne Tillemans 2014