Perfect Imperfection


So grateful today, more than usual, for the bounty of nature and the beauty.  The rains came early this morning and then clouds, a bit of sun breaking through and then more clouds as I took some photos and weeded my garden.

When I returned to work inside, I thought of nature … how uncontrived, how all-abiding and in tune with change.  I thought of how so many of us seek some sort of perfection in our lives, struggling with the realities, our own mortality, the inevitable things in life; and then I thought of a poem that a friend had given me, one that had never truly struck me as it did today, called “Happiness” :

Happiness is like a crystal

Fair and exquisite and clear

Broken in a million pieces,

Shattered, scattered far and near.

Now and then along life’s pathway,

Lo! some shining fragments fall;

But there are so many pieces

No one ever finds them all.


You may find a bit of beauty,

Or an honest share of wealth,

While another just beside you

Gathers honor, love or health.

Vain to choose or grasp unduly,

Broken is the perfect ball;

And there are so many pieces

No one ever finds them all.


Yet the wise as on they journey

Treasure every fragment clear,

Fit them as they may together,

Imaging the shattered sphere,

Learning ever to be thankful,

Though their share of it is small;

For it has so many pieces

No one ever finds them all.

a poem written by Priscilla Leonard