Where are the hyacinths?

I have just read the Southwest Journal’s article on Linden Crossing:


As expected, the height variance to five stories was approved by the committee over majority opinion in Linden Hills. Diversity is not what is happening here. Higher density in the lakes area means higher taxes, higher rents, and richer clients. In order to afford the cost of living, “diversity” will move out. Retired folks on fixed incomes, people living humbly, young families with limited resources … will not be able to live in Linden Hills reasonably. The future has arrived!

As usual, money prevails … money that requires higher populations to make more money. We will have our higher density, our restaurants and entertainment, our city to “brag” about. We will have our party town. Money to burn mowing school lawns and renovating school buildings in the richer communities, money to build another stadium, capital improvements for our orchestra, renovations to the Nicollet Mall with open air staircases (during winter months?), a light rail tunnel between two lakes in the water-logged area between Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles. They will be draining the water table in that wetland as they are continuing to do in Linden Hills with ongoing development.  As an added note, this water is drained into city sewers …. The drama goes on.

Eventually … there will be no space for a tree, not the size that lined our beautiful boulevards and the lakes when I came to Minneapolis. Progress, I guess.  Hyacinths for the soul anyone?