The Path Less Traveled

forest path

We all have choices … what will we choose?  … seemingly mundane decisions lead us to where we are today, and there are ethics in every choice, every decision, momentous or not.

The pressure is to follow the crowd, to do what is expected, to do what your peer group wants, not to break the mold, not to stand out but in an acceptable way … one that is also good for “business as usual”.  No one knows how much courage it takes to follow one’s heart outside of this venue until that moment arrives.

I was walking to the post office and it dawned on me how perfectly acceptable, well-built homes, beautiful (in fact), are being outsized and outmarketed by media and money so that Minneapolis can create a higher density inner city with the coinciding taxes, amenities,  increased traffic, infrastructure, money and, inevitable in larger populated areas, crime.

We continue to drive, continue to build larger and larger houses in spite of dwindling natural resources.  As we talk of recycling our food waste in Minneapolis, we encourage tearing down homes of reasonable size, sending solid old-growth lumber, copper plumbing, wiring, cabinets, roofing, and siding … to the dump and incinerator,  so that the corresponding lots can be used by developers to build larger homes with new supplies, depleting our natural resources even further.  Where is the common sense in this?

Many people who have lived for decades in homes of this area of Linden Hills, not a majority yet … are either driven to sell, or build on to existing structures just to keep up with what is happening around them, or they sit it out, some, like myself, hoping that they can continue to live where they had planned, be able to pay the taxes and survive the influx of money.

Maybe the human species is hard-wired to destroy itself. Who but God knows? I try to understand how this massive destruction, this waste of our resources, will take us anywhere but out. Deforestation due to the demands of overpopulation and greed is nothing new.  Wilderness as well as urban forests, all over the world, suffer as the battle for resources rages on.  Maybe we should take a path less traveled?