Into the Blue


Passions find outlet for all of us, whether destructive or creative, sublimated or expressed. With so much imagination collectively, these manifestations can often be a force for destruction … especially when our passions are perverted and misdirected. We find examples of this in all walks of life; and each one of us can find examples in our own life.

Art, music, children, nature have always offered an outlet for understanding because of the propensity to wonder in each. There is freedom in our ability to imagine, to explore and grow through our experiences and no one finds joy in a cage. There are always limits to the freedoms, though; but these are part of learning to function in a society with respect for the rights of others and their freedoms. Any activity that pollutes water and air, destroys our lands, our mountains and leaves devastation behind is not, by definition, sustainable … no matter what words are used to describe these activities.

We fight when an act of war is declared. What do we do, then, when the same effects can be seen all around us … by any other name? What is it called when corporations pollute our waters, our air, our land, our food, destroy mountain tops, disrupt the bedrock, clear cut forests, creating earthquakes and mudslides, avalanches and massive loss of life, animal and human?

This will be a time of important decisions … and action, because words are nothing without it.  I believe it was George Washington that said “vindicate our rights with firmness and cultivate peace with sincerity”.  We might look to our forefathers, then, and the constitution for some of the answers sought today in protecting hard fought individual freedoms with due vigilance.